Seminars & Workshops

Workshops For Teacher Trainers (7th-8th of October,2011)

The Head of the English Department at TED Bursa College, Deniz SAYIN, has participated in many seminars in Ankara. She attended these seminars with various other TED department heads and teacher trainers. As a team they developed techniques on differentiated and collaborative learning activities within English classes. One of the main subjects focused on was the application of blogging both within and outside of the class. This will encourage the students to take skills that they learned at school and be able to apply them in a real life situation. She will be participating in some more seminars and sharing the knowledge with her collegues soon.

Our English teachers
are all given the opportunity to improve themselves both personally and academically through regular meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. These activities are provided and organized by Turkish Education Association so that teachers can have the chance to come together with the teachers from other TED Schools and share their experience.

Turkish Education Association
Has been holding some special training programs for teacher trainers since February 2010. 23. Teacher trainers from all TED schools have attended these programs. The 1st session was held in February by the British Council and the 2nd one was in July by Oxford. The last training program was in November and it was about ' Testing, Writing, Blogging and Lesson Planning'.

Our English Department Head Deniz AKKOR has been attending the Teacher Training Program since it started. She will give some seminars and workshops to our English Department to share the new techniques, her ideas and experiences with the other English Teachers. These training programs will make a great contribution to learning and the teaching progress in our school. As TED schools, we are very happy to have our own teacher trainers.

ELT Seminar

Cathryn Hoard from TED Ankara College gave a very fruitful seminar to the English Teachers of our school and other private and public schools in Bursa. The title of the seminar was "Wild nature of writing" - "Creating context". The teachers shared their experiences and ideas throughout the sessions.

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