Parallel to the general objectivities and principles of national education; TED Bursa College Private Primary School aims to raise creative invidual who possess basic knowledge and abilities and who can establish efficient communication with the outer world. A democratic and modern education environment is provided for our students in accordance with the principles of science, affection and tolerance which also constitute the base of the education system in our school. Within this environment, our students gain the skills of individual learning and team work while they are encouraged to improve their abilities of arts, sports, etc. In our school it’s co-educational and takes place-along with the national curricula determined by the Ministry of Education.

English lessons aim at gaining communication skills and making students enjoy learning English. Likewise, various research and studies are being carried out and further programs are being developed in order to enable our students to use the language of English with self-confidence and grow up in the healthy harmony with the modern world.

Our school - who attaches great importance to foreign language education in order to raise our students as sophisticated individuals compatible with the requisition of the era who can develop their mental abilities and communication skills - initiates the education of French and German starting from the 4th grade.

The English lessons in our primary school are given by both Turkish and Native English speaking teachers. The English program is geared towards fostering the children's love and awareness of the English language. This is achieved by the use of:

• Drama • TPR (Total Physical Response) • Games • Visual aids (Flashcards, Puppets, Picture Books etc.) • Songs & Chants • Short movies and stories

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