In the light of the principles and reforms of Atatürk and taking the statement "a school of learners" as a starting point, our vision is to form an example as a leading educational institution that hallmarks individuals who, by their significant contributions, will be guiding role models for humanity.
Working with qualified, experienced and dynamic staff, open to innovations, our aim from kindergarten through primary and secondary education is to promote students' awareness of their social and national responsibility for upholding a democratic, secular republic; to empower their learning by encouraging intellectual exploration in the light of their uncovered individual interests and abilities, and to be in touch with current thinking and latest educational development. Students will, therefore be provided with an education system where both national and international programs are available, putting strong emphasis on foreign languages. Students will thus gain respect for the environment and an awareness of the importance of their physical well being. They will recognize the value of sports, music, and fine arts; have an international and intercultural perception of life; adopt universal values as they develop their qualifications academically for success in higher education and further.
Excellence: We will be open to changes and innovations. Striving to use all of our resources efficiently, we will continuously work toward a more perfect accomplishment of our stated mission.
Credibility: We will persistently foster an educational medium based on honesty, consistency and the principles of fairness. Solidarity: We will create an environment based on solidarity through sharing, respect, cooperation and teamwork. We will encourage these same qualities as a life-long practice.
Respect for Human Rights: We will, in accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights, never in any of our actions sacrifice human values and rights. We will not discriminate against gender, language, race, culture, or creed.
Love: We will be humanitarian individuals who have grasped the understanding of love and will reflect this in all areas with consistency and care, thus ensuring that our students adapt these qualities to their lives.

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