CAS requirement is a fundamental part of the IB Diploma Programme and takes seriously the importance of life outside the world of scholarship , providing a refreshing counterbalance to academic studies. CAS is designed to involve students in new roles. It’s a framework for experiental learning.The most meaningful CAS experience comes from spending time with others to build relationships and to understand other lives. There are three types of CAS activites:Creativty,Action and Service


This aspect of CAS is interpreted as imaginatively as possible to cover a wide range of arts and other activities outside the normal curriculum which includes creative thinking in the design and carrying out of service projects. This could involve doing dance, theatre , music and art. Students should be engaged in New roles, wherever possible.


Action can include not only participation in individual and team sports but also taking part in expeditions and in local or international projects. Action may involve participation in spor tor other activities requiring physical exertion such as expeditions and camping trips.


It’s the most transforming element of the Diploma Programme for the individual student. It’s not only doing things for others but also doing things with others and developing a real commitment with a team.

There are 3 types of CAS projects:

  • Short Term ( includes over a week)
  • Medium Term ( 1 to 6 months )
  • Long Term ( the full academic year )

The CAS Programme necessitates the colloboration and support of 1. The School ( IB Coordinator , school administration,students and parents) 2. The faculty and other stuff.

CAS Aims;

  1. An appreciation of the potential of the human mind and spirit.
  2. Knowledge, skills and understanding
  3. An awareness of humanitarian issues across the world
  4. A recognition that education imposes lifelong ethical responsibilities
  5. A willingness to inquire and an enjoyment of disvorey
  6. Confidence in their ağabeylity to initiate change, both individually and collaboratively
  7. Autonomy and self reliance
  8. An appreciation of their own and others talent.

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